Pantel Cloud Service

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a term used to describe the use of hardware and software delivered via network (usually the Internet). The term comes from the use of cloud shaped symbol that represents abstraction of rather complex infrastructure that enables the work of software, hardware, computation and remote services.

Simply put, cloud computing is computing based on the internet. In the past, people would run applications or programs from software downloaded on a physical computer or server in their building. Cloud computing allows people access to the same kinds of applications through the internet.

Cloud computing is based on the premise that the main computing takes place on a machine, often remote, that is not the one currently being used. Data collected during this process is stored and processed by remote servers (also called cloud servers). This means the device accessing the cloud doesn't need to work as hard.

By hosting software, platforms, and databases remotely, the cloud servers free up the memory and computing power of individual computers. Users can securely access cloud services using credentials received from the cloud computing provider.

Our Cloud-based service is ideal for any business, small, medium or big, we can setup for example a small server and upgrade it any moment you want, we can increase the hard drive size, the memory or the quantity of Microprocessor you need in matter of minutes, you can't have this kind of flexibility with a local server.

Cloud computing cuts out the high cost of hardware. A charge for an installation fee and a small monthly charge a subscription-based model that’s kind to your cash flow. Add to that the ease of setup and management and suddenly your scary, hairy IT project looks at lot friendlier. It’s never been easier to take the first step to use your own virtual server. Call us to give you more information about how much money you coul be saving using our PANTEL Cloud solutions.
This level of agility can give businesses using cloud computing a real advantage over competitors and that is way businesses of all sizes, geographies, and industries are turning to cloud services. .

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